Wednesday, 10 April 2013

the story of lightful revolution...


O wildment, O quantum godships of aura with their passengers of truth on the way through everything, at every moment there is a fifty percent chance your pulse is in time with the beginning of the universe, at any one time these pulses together can change it…
the centre of time:

O bless the massive energy-hair-style-forrest of the hippy love armada in the world today, breaking through the cracks like stencil masterpieces on the walls, the streets near Brunswick pubs, smoking circles in Castlemaine parks, Wizards on the streets of forrest towns with their staff leaned against health food shops and reading… 
It is tree-life hair, artery and vein flowing through the life pulse of the earth and causing massive schisms against the impermaculture machine with moments of rhythm and grace of place to pass that sublime time peace when we look at the children who ask us why and we have no downward heart nor empty nothing of time, just the truth.
 The answers of potential power of consciousness, the essence of the Buddha pooh bear and rockin roll lego space pirate in such meaningful simplicity.  The path is there in love such as this, zap! Picture! A time the universe has decided, lovers on the cliff edge, dancers in festivals together moments, writers and hermits at their desk and time itself letting them know that it is time to flow the energy of this moment of all sensitive beings. All sensative beings in their I’less feelings of the power and power looking up to some mirage Lennon dream in the haze. Through feet, all feel it and know closed eyes, feel the intention of existence pull at them to concentrate, flow up from the ground and through energy skeletons, rivers out to sea to the sea crest wave, golden white crown’s, the petals through the meditation within the thick of hippy life. 
 Its our energy clan sorcerer and sorceress, into the webbed sky and funneling to equinoctial joint places of the phoenixes feathers, where all else is gathering from the planet and flying across the earth gathering, the wing edge leading to the heart, suddenly huge in swoop. Down from the sight of three shooting stars and past smog and the pentagon is there, the pentagon, placed in a golden pentagram mark-the-spot on the subetheric station that only the true circle alchemists and druids really know about.
There a split second to align the place for all hackers and as massive attack huge, the first tear drop on the fire giant bird in rainbow glory, all the sacred spells of the one hippy countries manga magnitude magnificence caught in golden vermillion sunset before it plunges to the nest of the empire. Empire the vampire that feeds directly on manipulated devolution, pain and memory, feeds on and sends what’s left to their nearby juggernaut of a black-hole spacecraft, energy to use, to enslave thousands, millions of pre-evolved systems to sweat shopped empires, to power suck and no signature, just blank grey, everything…
Yes there the phoenix swoops and down past the pentagon five huge fear-etheric distracted golem-scunge-shadow-demon guards they have as their psuedo angels and their huge weapons,  down past and weaving round the web of the surveillance spiders hardwired to advarda kadarva and there into the top room on the left wing, past the dead Lichian necromancic skin concrete and wires sending war, past it to the woman there at her computer desk. The average woman and woman essence shape shifter in a suit machine disguise, a power crystal of tigers eye implanted in her chest where she holds secret the space of her original heart that they cannot know, a creative heart they would never allow in their heartless cogs, a heart that now goes Zaaaap!
 And the most beautiful words of existence where door of her forehead is open, her finger is signature on the button, the smuggled disc of the maddest psytrance antivirus ruiniculated by the last wizard of Atlantis is in the computer… it comes on as a fast pulse, a whisper and wide eyes… the words are “And sow the Green Revolution…”

Boom! The golden circuit is mixed, the cube aliens in their suits and offices of evil math look up with more than the word surprise could ever understand, open their black eyes and unhide their black square alien mouths in slow motion, in their gaping elongation. Yes it has been done, the sore spot in the armor has been pierced, time is on pause for the dual war between these magic users. It is the strike for freedom and the now is the only life the hippy love armada can live, all else is our death without its reaction of the revolutionary, the reiki moment of the masters. 
 In short she runs like the ninth level of hell through the circuit plan, she knows it like the spine of her enduring heart, out of the hallways of laser shredders, tangles of dark poison green oblivion from the spiders and armies of scorpio rogue assassins with their Capricorn death spells fired through machine guns, dodging the serpents who appear and strike in the split of split, threading through all the dimensions of possibility. But as they follow they realize that she’s running right into the middle of the courtyard where they all smile and slow their sprint and know that all the urchin spines of poisons very creation lead there, where the five shadow demons rise catch their vision upon her, point their planet cannons,  and she stops with grace walks over to a tree on the grass land and sits, awaiting the answer to her move as the spiders swarm a sphere of green entrapment around her.
An she is there, centre of the machine, the energy feild vision, there on top of the forty thousand lidded third eye of the fear vampire dragon. There cross legged in her suit skirt and samurai dagger levitating blade groundward. In he walks, through the dilated alien tunnels of fear essence miasma that the spiders let open.  In to her prison he walks with sharp cut slow arrogant confidence that is the slow irritating click precision of every CEO at the head of the twenty companies that now rule the world, right up to her face behind his teenage suicide black wrap sunglasses and his essence of virgin rape cologne, right up to her, smirks in oil, reaches to the middle of her breasts as she sits there and rips the tigers eye amulet from her chest skin…

But this is just skin, skin leather that cracks and all the pieces fall to the ground like ash that starts to swirl around and gains speed, faster and faster and as it gains speed she speaks through the void wind; “Tesla didn’t teach you everything my love” and as the last syllables disappear the ground below her begins to glow golden as he steps back in confidence that whatever she attempts now she is trapped.  But as a portal gains size before her flakes of ash on the ground a double sided pyramid rises out.  As he sees it he thinks the game is won, he wonders over to the circle of golden light looks down as his smirk widens in a deepest pleasure, he sees what he expected, a digital display counting down from ten… “ahh… destruction... I never thought you’d accept it into your life Tizrealle…at last you know death and this planets purpose... I will enjoy rebuilding this place from your bones…” and as he orders the demons to fire upon them, and the five horrid deep electric bass wynd up their weapons the size of trains, she rises out of the portal, a golden energy tinged with white and flecks of purple, an angel staring into the suit machine, the very mechanism of forgetful death and failure.
 She smiles the sad compassion smile at the blindness-tangled-soul before her, she says to him with voices three “you don’t know of what you speak, so I must show you… give me your hand…” and there, just for a moment, the hologram sunglasses part on the left and seen through is a blue iris, a pinpoint pupil searching for her meaning and then falling back to black.  Back into a smirk and he lifts his hand to hold hers and squeezes in order to take her very soul through her skin. “So its some vague marriage in this temporal ash is it?!" he laughs a wicked deep oil driven laugh "O my sweet skin yes! I do! The agreement is that you will die ten thousand aeons and I but a second, O YES! Amen! You know that’s the power of my weapons about to fire here, Let’s see… New York Hospital; Birthdate 13 of the 5th 4024 13.51? Hows that to your liking of course the planet might be gone by then...” yet she is unphased, her gaze is fixed, she replies “you don’t know power, you don’t know birth, you force me to repeat in your ignorance of what life rituals will always remain, I must show you…” “show ME?! Show ME?!! Ha! there is nothing here I have not seen! LET US DIIIIEEE!!” and the sound of five thousand lightning bolts unleashes a crack over head as all flashes white for a split split second, a split second where she could feel nothing for the first time since her beginning, and it was slowly turning into a feeling of failure and of dread at its peak, the doubt that she had missed her mark with both their hands, missed the strike that might have saved all her creation and to the all chaos oblivion of this planet…

But no, not this time of time, she had stopped time again. The dagger had been struck into the point of the pyramid and the number stopped on three. Three?! Somehow, he suddenly realized he had been here before, and the meanings were clicking like ancient clocks behind his slowing face that turned to fear and the black cube elongated as his mouth. Three in the empty fullness heart! Three to the very meaning of balance and memory! In flashes of white, as fortold in the darkest memory returning, holy spears of Urthona struck as light through the golden portal beneath them, at the circumference upon intervals as if on a clock face. Then the golden portal disc below them climbed them and stretched into a bowl, Tizreal and the Machine became horizontal 3 o’cock, 9 o’clock, their feat stuck fast with shear power as it was rising and rising, right until they were almost completely upside down, their hands still holding the dagger.
Yet time could not stop pure energy, lightning from the five weapons entered their trance of space and struck the handle of the ancient dagger and the pyramid slowly, deathly, cut in half in a jaggared split.  Inside, as it fell apart, a heart, a pulsing flesh-heart with circuitry of aura pulsing in and out of it, still pulsing, the dagger was weaving its way round its aura energy arterials until it entered one. Then things began to speed up, time itself had been pierced. The machine had entered hyper space before and the elongated everything to the second dimension he had known, but this, this was even faster than that, however it was possible.  Entering a tube of golden white of one dimension has no real meaning, but points to what it was like, and if god was there and not the very being of there he would have seen this; after a loop and launch of particle essence accelleration, a rainbow serpent and a black serpent were seen, spinning, oscillating in and out of each other, descending into the depth of the earth in a spinning dual to the death, the Machine tried to get control and spin out back to the surface but the surge was unstoppable, this was the power of his own making, his own weapons, the power of forty thousand empires of hate against them was forcing them onward and forty thousand empires of love was guiding it.
Into the centre of the earth, led to where there was a massive glowing golden egg and they entered it’s crown as a rush of a waterfall enters a pool and at the last few curves of their holy spin, the machine began feeling tighter, as if he was collapsing into the first dimension itself, tighter and tighter, imploding, crushing into everything that was his centre, as he thought he could get no smaller, he rounded the last curve everything slowed to a crawl and he was at the base of the egg where he could see an archway gate, a mirror of translucence, there he saw it, he froze as the helplessness of all prey had taken over his entire being in front of the dragons head, the size of a temple three stories high, grinning with teeth the size of monk staff as it began to speak, “see? This is the truth of birth, of life, this earth, this is yourself…” and at that the mirror shattered into a million stars and the dragon swallowed the machine. 


Yet as the tail was absorbed so was the head, the gold and rainbow was returning through the veins of the heart and the shadow was returning to light as a dawn sun shows itself as when a cloud recedes with a swift wind.  Climbing higher and higher, through the heart, back out into the sun in the pentagon courtyard, the dragon followed the machines shadow life path, branched into all the five demon-shadow-blood-oil-guard army who were all returned to star spark, disapeared as one wakes from a dream.  Further, she flies back into the corridors past the lasers on pause, back into the machines computer and boom connect. Back at her desk glowing were the words "uploading... please wait" as the minds of the people who worked there were suddenly freed and rejoiced, the right buttons were pushed, the haaarp project was reversed, all the hardwired yin energy was released back into the earth’s atmosphere and the yang was sent back to the spaceship, blowing it up in deep space. Within a couple of months, the Earths iron core had lost its turbulence, religious extremism and war ceased, world hunger and world debt was eliminated, the secret to cold fission and the tesla coil was discovered and abracadabra the dream catcher… human kind was finally the rightful graduated builders of enlightened planet, as the screen read "upload complete"...

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