Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Monsanto of War

                                                      [photo care of Kristina Freemann]

Did you know that millions and millions of protesters world-wide took to the streets on the 25th of may to protest against GMO foods? If you didn't you could be forgiven, you haven't been helped all that much by the media regimes that seem to dictate world news... But just in case, heres alittle update, GMO foods or genetically modified organisms and their by-products, are flagshipped by the behemoth, multi-national corporation Monsanto, a company that has signalled its intentions to mute labeling requirements world-wide, mute scientific investigation into its products, set ex members of its corporation into FDA positions world-wide, sue, bully and mafia gang farmers for the use of its product, a product that has been proven to kill the pollinating bee population and cause tumors and brain damage world-wide... in short, they must be stopped before the future of their failed science murders the future completely.... [for educational purposes]

to learn more visit:…anto.html

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