Saturday, 16 November 2013

The End of the Line Festival

Yess! Air punch! 30th of this month End of the Line festival is on once again! And with the massive 8 stages of musicka, including Bastian Killjoy, Mulder, and of course the great Fats Wah Wah there is poetry, rich luscious poetry. Yes local To the End of the Verse poetry group is initiating a star dusted anti-pesto poetry delux around the town of Belgrave including:

  • 730 -late at the Lyrebird cafe is set for the 1st birthday of To the Ends of the Verse, all geared organically, the open mic night will be in full bloom! 
  • A bunch of workshops at the Tiffany Bishop Collective, including an open panel work group on poetry writing lead by Matt Wilson from 12 o'clock, a dynamic 'shape of the word' group about performance lead by Icia Malloy from 1pm, a micro-memoir group by Cameron M Semmens 2.30pm and freestyle group by Bastian Killjoy and MC Convict at 4pm. 
  • Thoughout the day, a base camp - info canopy at the Tin Shed and solo and collaborative performances there and at Earthly Pleasures stage, Market Stage and the Lyrebird cafe. See the web site for location details. 
  • Micro message poems scattered around the town ready to enrapture your mind in a dance of joy,
  • Fresh as the spring  performances between music sets by such local talent as Matt Wilson, Justine Walsh, Icia Malloy, Tigs and myself, just to name a few! 
Ahh yes open your mind and your tracks of time people, the great slow down of festive spirit is upon us! For waaay more info go to;

 End of the Line Program

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