Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Flame

(photo: Adam Scott Miller)

"Have you no thought, O dreamer, that it may be all maya, illusion?
-Walt Whitman

Upon the meditations of consciousness this poem reaches, where consciousness is boundless, intimately connected to this earth as the one true consciousness we incarnate. Its symbol, an inverted journey upon the inside of a flame, is a journey of healing the layers of collective mind through the inner life cycles we master. For he who heals oneself heals the world. It is in accordance with the descriptives of existence being called the samsara flame, the life flame distilled until what remains is the crystal essence... And so Amitābha my friends...


  1. The one who heals himself; heals the world. May we all heal promptly.

  2. Hello, finally got to listen to your recording and wow; a gorgeous 9 minutes. Peace.

  3. thanks suzie! an remember your always welcome for a drink at the monthly poetry gig at oscars, open mic too if you feel like sharing anything with a lovely bunch of people, I haven't missed a night there for well over a year now! 2nd Thurs. Every Month, starts 7:30-8.30 till late...