Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dream Stream Session

 (very thankful for yet another photo 
from unknown source)

Here I'm grateful to be able to bring to you a live recording from To the Ends of the Verse freestyle sessions @ Open Studio upon the 17th of Feb 2015. Within its funky jazzy confines brought to you by the 7 piece band the Square Roots, we have a paper born abstract poem by yours truly that explores the idea of humanity as a river changing things down stream while also experiencing bliss in the now. What follows is a brilliant freestyle response from the dread-less, dead-less, dreaded rappers Alex Willey and Josh 'Shua'li' Buckle. 


  1. This would bring a wide smile to old Jack's lips. Wild stuff!

  2. lol cheers vince... yeah I think jack would be right at home @ this event reckon you should come along one time if your ever in the city on a 3rd tuesday of the month...

  3. Thanks for the invite Jas. Haven't been anywhere near the city since we left the hills at the end of November. And probably not likely to venture forth in any hurry. Stay well . . . .