Sunday, 28 May 2017

Poems from the Sun trapped within Me...

After struggling putting pen to page for a few months, this new work comes from the magical assistance of “The Dirty Thirty” in April 2017. Begun by poet and community leader Abdulrahman Hammound, “The Dirty Thirty” is a Facebook group of poets who all gather on the first of April to work toward one prompted poem a day for that month.

While hesitant when forcing my art (I only started on day 9,) I slowly began to find it dance-full, something to relish each day. It ended up a practice that saved my pen from near nihilistic destruction, a prompt group that developed many friendships and a prompt group that got me amongst the ‘dirty madness’ that is suspending the edit mad stigma and getting to the business of creating something magical.

Thus my work is intensely love born, vulnerable, abstract with secret mashings of terabyte glitch, with astro physics, Buddha, viking beat, with Carlos Castenada warrior stories, Letters to myself from the Future, political screams and jazz memoir splashings. It is a work set to the idea of a connected-ness in the universe, a single essence of things that is trying to escape my poets life and shine, entering our dream places. Places where we can meet and drink of the beginning-ray-spectrum-cadenza, breath the now and turn into the ghost holy wisdom of the future. Places where we can feel warm memories of enlightenment and sigh.

I’ll meet you there…

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