Thursday, 23 August 2012

Six Dreams to Stop the Machine

"dusk and dawn are the cracks between worlds" -Don Juan


shadow gravity black holes,
family homes, tradition,
all this remembrance is all,
fit as spirits, brothers and sisters yawn,
fall back into the deep lonely mind past
the white stem of the eye balls,
into the axiom-egg-yolk, still-lidded-shell sigh,
knowing the light above the city looks the same,
I press the snooze button...


I fall again, I am always falling, this time into
full of blankets and pillows off of cupboard rooves,
light itself the womb joy warm agency crossroads,
my brother and I are laughing,
we lead from this moment
where we can be anything,
yet we are
warriors, hippies,
mothers Quan Yin smile as we go,
said "this is all a remembrance",
I know what she means,
there where the quest
same Buddha destinations are already curled
in fractals apex shoe like eaglets,
growing up and flying away from the soles
where in golden lettering
Apollos inscription remains
“I love you anyway”
I fear that I'll never see mum again,
I hunger
for assurance manifest in her eyes
it doesn't come, she is ash,
I put my soles on
and fall out into the dark street,
I am fear chased,
I climb a tree away from
the dinner suit wolves,
I am barking, they are barking,
fire against fire,
with my paw
I am reaching for the horizon light,
it is so fucking dark,
I fear it will never come,
I thought
“I must have destroyed the sun with my haste!”
yet I don't stop,
I keep falling, still dreaming.


how can one close
ones eyes in a dream?
do we die?


now is the peace free flying
over the moon lit coast,
I have lost everything and it feels free,
because I have lost and am lost,
zions stretched out beaches,
oblivion foam lines lips chanting,
“aum mani padmi hum” smashes
against cliff faces staring in beautiful sorrow,
inky black still time trough
in the spaces between each,
where I find you, we swoop,
up we parallel limestone maps,
up from the car cracking rocks,
somewhere real alarms a frantic pace like mercury,
and yet our pace is still a rushing pre-birth everything,
fleeting up into the stars,
climbing to deep still echo in the sinew,
in the apex,
where thought nothing mirror,
our altar heart is freedom fire,
we can calm all the screams
in our angel eyes,
where this is all remembrance,
holding the world and yet it stops,
god dam time is never long enough,
we suddenly lose our wings,
our feathers,
we are naked and falling frantic,
before the surface hits,
all is awake blue and outside my window.


a whirl wind of my house,
I remember that it is my day off,
I am remembering, craving those dreams,
there is nothing else for me to do but
free this moment, a sunrise yet to be,
free the coming day yet to be,
free the language
between everything,
my daily place under the tree,
feeling the dewy grass and cross leg,
the meditative jazz bird song
where it all magnet,
I see faces in everything,
bark wise faces,
silly leaf faces,
curious grass faces,
nonchalant, just-being-cloud faces,
exxxxact-izzzat co-existence...
but not quite...


I watch a jogger,
she turns and faces the day with
abstract determinism,
this is all there is
in the unchanged concrete
where Charlie loves Mel
with an arrow,
the city that never sleeps,
the mugger always
behind the ally shadows,
in the headphones between songs,
the monster at
the bottom of the war bin
sneers at the grey blue neon light,
she caught my eye like moth,
blank and black holes like some place
where we can see by all
the billion faces of history,
the same where I once
knew that blank,
and it meant something
one love,
I turn and blink in the void,
she turns and smiles at someone she knows,
the day has managed to completely snare
its alien fly victim in the golden orb web,
I stop the machine where three butterflies
are making a temple
three foot off the ground.

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