Thursday, 2 August 2012

POST BEAT POETRY: The present, The Future...


Beat poetry. What is it? Who are its generation? Is there a renaissance? Kerouac, Corso, Ginsberg, 1960’s, shhh… These are just words man. 2012, WE ARE IT.   True, we still need them in this age, in the now vast unfortunate distance between meaningful silence and poetry and fellow human beings. Yet what if I told you the beat generations work could still lead the world back to a larger poetry life, even back to inner peace, even now?

Don’t use the telephone, people are never ready to answer it, use poetry –Jack Kerouac, Scattered Poems

Crazy huh? We must act as a team of course. To do this, soul listen, soul act, gather in groups, bring their peace back past the wall, reach back to the communities dreamed of in the sixties. Allen Ginsberg, (Verbatim, Ginsberg, Ball, 74) talks of Kerouac, of his free writing that could define the simple contents of a car for almost 60 pages and make it interesting. You just don’t get that kind of madness these days, I ask, could this alliterative attitude to musical language thus likewise define and modernise important teachings, from Homer, engineering, tautology, religion, to protest work, science-renewability and collective-mind-philosophy for today’s generation?

Poetry, always the future of other poems –Jason Maxwell, For the future of other poems 

Isn’t this strangely similar to advertising for Steiner school? Is this bite-sized enlightenment for the digital generation hopelessly lost in games? No, this is what’s natural. Would you listen to a creative rap about William Blakes work in class? I know I would, for a translated divine ‘now vision-clarity’ with a capable confident abstraction, capable of grabbing language by its fast beat balls, past its structuralist curriculum barriers, to a slow down human connection that borders madness, refocusses beat as living, organic musical poetry and moment.

Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent kindness of the soul! –Allen Ginsberg, footnote to Howl

Of course that’s the challenge, why you’re here listening to my undisciplined key board tap-flowing-electron-to-electron isn’t it?  Yet to find this space, whenever I write, I get a feeling I cannot describe and you know it too I imagine, call it a well-spring, care for your page time, call it what you like, it is best born of the idea that work becomes alliteratively cohesive naturally, a kind of leap for consciousness energy. Like the beginning of the dream that is always forgotten, it is the work that remains that is important, as it becomes life, life beat for the next generation’s words…

In this blog I would implore you to bring back beat poetry, activate this well spring of life and beat for our generation and our children, yet most of all I would like you to simply share it, share your beat-heart-life amongst us so that we can hear your moments through the syllables, be it your opinions upon my post, your reviews, your poetry, your prose, it is a space for writers and for the future of writing to meet, and so may it be

w a African drum

-Jas :D

P.S Below are links to groups and readings, my personal inspirations and my work, please share and enjoy as freely as your heart desires rhythm…


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  1. I've just discovered your Dream Nexus. Lovely work Jason. Keep feeding the Muse.

    1. thanks man! will do, have to go do some performance someplace together I reckon! heard of word tree at burrinja? don't know if they still operate but otherwise I know end of the line is coming up, would love to see you perform something there! be well my friend...

    2. Sounds good to me. Let us talk off-line about this and other matters that have been in mind. My email address is