Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Truth of the Tecoma People

This Poem/rap is inspired by the fight for a McDonalds free Tecoma. A grass roots protest that started after all the democratic principles had been exhausted by their council who were unanimously opposed to the restaurant chain.

For VCAT over-ruled them with a decision that even James Merlino, state planning shadow minister said was "disgusting" , as it would place the restaurant 50 metres from a primary school, 800 metres away from a state forrest and it simply does not fit in with the community who are very health and small business minded.

Today with international media recognition, a petition over 72,000 strong, new roof protesters, a union supported picket line and an extensive media campaign including local artists, the battle of these Davids & Devas Vs McGoliath continues...

Many Thanks to the Tecoma Eight for their stand, the many protesters still standing, Bob Marley and Triple J's Hack program for the samples, aand Glenn Scoyler for the Bass Ukelele used in this track...

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