Wednesday, 11 September 2013

When There is No Enemy

No, haven't bought myself a sniper weapon yet, I'm still here. Even after the screaming torturous exercise of corpocracy last 7th of september 2013, with marine parks already gone, fracking about to take over and monsanto sure to waltz in. Apart from being a father and not really all that violent, the reason is that I know and trust the protest of our people. A massive only going to snowball-juggernaught as social media and the internet continues its broadcaste and the rights of the environment and our children are swept away by the financial army of the multi-national. For even with the Murdoch Death Star distraction technique, we will know. The people will always know. Here in the midst of this battle, this poem reaches out to the intensity of love and compassion within our movements cause, the centre of it common in all humanity on either side and whereby the matter of time until the truth is enacted at last...

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