Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Witch Dream (Date Unknown)

In the crowd of a witch hunt,
 walking in the main street of the village.
The firm violence of 5 men,
her numb limp body.

In the electric circuit of the trial,
I spoke up for her in her eyes. 
I did not see the sneers, 
though I felt the lines of fingers crossing throats.
 The crowd was a mess,  
healer vs dark witch. 


 (Painful psy, not in vain)

The crowd was satisfied taking her children from her 
and dumping them in a home for adoption.
Their law I could not speak. 
 Fuming aura. 

This is 2013.

The clouds into fire. 
As the bridge-heart-nerves 
of their maternal-seeking arms break,
 their screams…


  1. Powerful piece; the taking of the children always reminds me of Aboriginal Australia. Your blog is gorgeous

  2. thanks suzie! still doing poetry open mics in belgrave if your interested, 2nd Thursday of every month at Oscars ale house, beautiful group of people... otherwise let us know if your in the hills an we'll arrange a catch up, we're in sassafras now... magic place... ahh life in spring!