Monday, 30 September 2013

Dear Everything...

Enlightenment is said to be a wall-less sound and indeed "today all young men on acid realise that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration" one that creates the Hicks Boson inscription on the plank scale everything, where macro biological dreams sway in the great space body. But you don't need astro-physical math nor acid to realize this. You just need the starting point within the idea of compassionate signature consciousness. That is enough to entangle you to the path of befriending everything completely...

Dear Everything,

I'm still going to say sorry that its taken this long to write you,
even though you know everything and taught me to take time till there's no time left,
to take until my life here has been squeezed through the successful perpetual free energy systems of the chaos death wise machine,

I hope that your here with me on this computer blinking,
and like me, knot denying that your temporal experience is the infinity of divinity with thousands out of try-billions of finally decided imperfections and so the snake tail eye once spokt in the sky,

I know that you know how to 
quickly paraphrase the vicious quaking teeth-in-the-neck attack to the giant decepticon sentinels of capitalism vs the free acid water tanks in everyone’s back yard 
with some form of peaceful understanding...

I hear that you can formulate
 triangular solar powered hats on everyone’s power polarized existence and plug them into a matrix with no black smith carving a nuclear bomb against gods centre of gravity,
please, can you now in now?

thank you for teaching me 
to take only to give back, one to ten from Saturn’s Zen a-when and ignore ache… to give all relaxed deep in Capricorn un-paradoxed and independent in tea ceremonies of all heavenly light agreement, to give the spiraling race tracks slow wonder spoon hand reaching in godhead, pullin out the big flow of Pisces...

Everything thank you again for the
 illuminating Illuminate’ of  these friends we've known together for years and their quirky immortal faces in strangers and strange things and light years in range of the dimensional alignment of the truth that team shall be captain planet dragon nothing u-nites in blissful Brunswick blur,

Everything I dream of you in 
 the days of the Holodeck, the Hyperdrive, the hydro-powered lotus elise, the spaces of time that the mind may share in a cup-catch the heaviest dam purest water of Jimi Hendrix power from heavens deep blue tears, radiating the gardens skins on the sky scrapers...

Everything O please
promise me you'll remember in the deep mundane, to get outta your head in love with that unseen world that dances in unseen window frames and then know the same art will grab you by the ankles to pull you down into it’s bed pillow puzzle pieces dripping with ecstasy,

 I just want to let you know that in my mind your sitting grace stable in the trinity, the trinity in every fractal coded genius child that claws through the junk of Samsara’s disposed-of needle-car-greed hypnotism's of advertising that would flash over and over that speed in mass consciousness doesn't kill,

And everything
know this from the depth of my very word, I will travel with you
to the end, perhaps on a note loved by the myriad of all forms equals perhaps, a graduating weight, the bed time story of your future grand parents imagination…

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