Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ode to Evolution

O what nourishment divine fractal core thread,
 what sap root sun feeding do they deserve?

 Those who skyscrape to ghost bleeding
 mitote maddness the skyfather's flesh.

 Those who watch the acid rain of
human darkmatter falling and
 piercing the earth.

Those who crack the bone dragon eggs
to still-born peace and speak unholy word
 in their bomb hearts.

Those who manipulate
to produce death products in
cycled desert cracks creeping,
searching for another
farmers suicide.

Those undead armies
of Hitler's scientists for profit.

 Those who made headless
the spirits of the forrests, now
 wondering the felled wastelands
 amidst the lost paths of the extinct.

 O those who committed sane
 the Banks of Wall St's fraud,
the trillion headed axe.

Those political frauds the billion edged bulldozer,
policy dying beneath drama, hypnotized consent
 a blasphemic core sin against the meaning of light
now imprisoned in smart TV's.

 Death clouds of obscene chauvinism,
 all you do is feed on our suicidal tendencies.
 All you do is kill the new gods our children
 deserve to create.

All you will ever claim in the holy name
of water's flower fruit is your own destruction.

 We will survive you.
We will survive you because we give back our umbilicus,
because our tree core is permacultured to every fellow
 spirit kin, every animal saint, every ray of the universes
 star seed in our beings eye.

 We will survive because of
 how we weep as your teachers,
forgiving but never forgetting
the witness to your own suffering
 and its exponential virus teeth marking.

O yes, you will hear us now you
the 1 percent, you the careless,
you will not bite again,
 from now on,

you will be the one to starve...

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