Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Dark Lake

I dreamed I was dragged out to a huge dark lake via social powerlines, out with the golems of testostorne AKA the frenemies of my youth. They had invented this new game where the cities mega watt powerlines were partly stripped and hung towards the waters edge. Adrian was the genius, “a new way to fish boiz…” “fuck yeah!” “holy shiz balls man!” “idn’t that err… kinda suicide?” was my response. “Only if you let go of the fire fox too early, when you get close enough, the bolt earths in the water.”

 And so it was on.

 I watched in excited horror, in Schoedinger’s perceptual torture, how they would fly under huge bolts of lightning which would zap into the dark water. I only picked up the courage to protest when I saw the dead fish float like stars killed, their silver, their twitch, no one gathered them, booze was the only thing passing their lips. “Stop you bastards! You’re gunna kill the lake!” it was a broken shrill in the end… Surrounded in an instant, Iphones and snarls, regret was amidst the most prevalent of the distant and strange world’s things. “Awww common Jas, you just haven’t had a go yet, don be a pussy!” I could feel Sam wink.

The next part came in blinks –all the hands on my limbs, the death monkey sniggers, “remember if you jump off early you’ll be fried like your beloved sex toys…” Then the light flashing above, the realization there was no rubber tyre on the line to stop me, someone had taken it. “Now swim boi!” Frantic water and breath, a howling pack about to…

And that was the end of my dream.

I woke in a sweat. Terrifying right? The demons of my youth destroying the life of my subconscious? Luckily, I count Carlos Castenada as better than Freud where dreaming is concerned. And thus nightmares serve no purpose for me. To me, if you leave the defragging process of the mind in a mess, all you’ll ever be is a mess. So in my waking state I day dream the rest.

I was sure to be zapped, the teenage golems were beating the power lines with sticks and they zapped in their monstrous threat. I kept swimming, into the darkness… How far must I swim? I thought. A huge island of dark water rose before me in waves. I was terrified again, I had heard stories of the giant who eats children, those who swam too far. I never thought they were real. I turned back towards the shore.

Surely these boys were bluffing. Had Sam found out about me and Harmony? I mean, she doesn’t even like him! And anyway, he wouldn’t kill me over a girl now would he? I looked back over my shoulder. ‘Hey its gone, phew… what the hell was tha… " and then terror shook right through me. Something had my hoodie and I was being pulled back through the water. When I looked back again, a giants face smiled at me from the water… But that smile, it was soo familiar. So familiar that I did not fear a thing anymore. Next I’m in his hand, I’m rising high into the sky, I can hear his thoughts, we slush and stomp our way over to the screams on the shore…

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